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inovia offers a foreign filing platform, but also publishes foreign filing guides and regular industry reports. Explore our educational resources below.

Foreign Patent Filing Guides

Foreign Patent Filing Guides

These popular foreign patent filing guides contain country-specific deadlines and formalities requirements for the 130+ countries inovia files into. There are three guides: PCT national stage entry, direct (Paris Convention) filing and European validation.

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The 2017 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator

Now in its eighth year, RWS inovia’s Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator has become a go-to resource for identifying the trends having the greatest impact on the foreign filing strategies of patentees. Download the full report to review the survey results.

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IP Trends Survey

U.S. trademark directory

In addition to our U.S. trademark filing tool, you can also search a full directory of over 7 million U.S. trademarks, as published by the USPTO.

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