The 2017 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator

Now in its eighth year, RWS inovia’s Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator has become a go-to resource for identifying the trends having the greatest impact on the foreign filing strategies of patentees.

IP Trends Survey image

Key Findings:

  • More than 73% of respondents filed patents in four or more countries (up from 62% filing into four or more in 2015).
  • Overall patent activity and international filing rates rose in 2016 with over 41% filing more than half of their patent applications overseas in 2016 (compared to just 34% last year).
  • First time filing jurisdictions included Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Brazil and India. The overwhelming majority of those (96%) used the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
  • The report shows an increase in filing patent families, as nearly three quarters filed four or more patent families.

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