The 2016 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator

Now in its seventh year, RWS inovia’s Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator has become a go-to resource for identifying the trends that have the greatest impact on the foreign filing strategies of patentees.

The 2016 report is based on more than 100 U.S. and European respondents.

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Key findings of the survey include:

The same percentage of respondents have been working on reduced IP budgets for the last three years (31% of people since 2013).

In 2016, only 4% of respondents have no plans to file internationally. 28% of people plan to file over 75% of their applications overseas and the majority of applicants (58%) plan to file between 25% and 74% of their patents overseas.

Over 97% of applicants filed using the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for some or all of their filings in 2015.

80% of people started filing into BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and/or China) for the first time within the last 5 years. China was ranked as the #3 most important jurisdiction in the 10-year filing strategies of patent applicants behind the US and Europe.

The top 3 International Search Authorities were the USPTO (64%), EPO (56%) and KIPO (31%).

The top ways survey respondents cut foreign filing costs in 2015 was by filing in fewer countries, bringing steps in-house and negotiating with their foreign counsel.