Join us for upcoming webinar, “Patent rights in Europe and how to conduct an effective search”

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Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017 @ 08:15 PM

Join IPPH and RWS inovia for our upcoming webinar, “Patent rights in Europe and how to conduct an effective search,” on April 21st, 2017. The webinar will commence at 3pm UTC. We will be covering a variety of topics including:

  • An overview of the importance of searching European patents
  • Patent protections – what are the options?
  • Patent search overview (status information, EP Register, National Registers, INPADOC data)

 2017年4月21日下午三点,IPPH将携手RWS inovia举办线上培训,本次培训主题为“欧洲专利权及如何进行高效检索”。期间将会讨论到的话题如下:

  • 检索欧洲专利的重要性概览
  • 专利保护 – 有哪些可选途径
  • 专利检索概览(法律状态信息、欧洲专利登记簿、国家登记簿、INPADOC数据)

Speakers include:

Peter Shea, Operations Manager, RWS inovia

Peter has over 25 years of experience in patent search and and first joined RWS in 1990. He is currently the Operations Manager of the search team at RWS inovia’s Information Division. Peter graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. During the formation of PatBase, he and some of the other patent searchers were instrumental in creating a user interface tailored for patent searching, the fundamentals of which are still in place today. His specialties include searching automotive technologies and medical devices.

Peter SheaRWS inovia 营经理

Peter先生自1990年加入RWS集团,已有逾25年专利检索经验,现于RWS inovia信息部门担任检索团队运营经理。Peter先生毕业于兰卡斯特大学,电气与电子工程专业。在PatBase成形伊始,他与其他专利检索员一道为构建专利检索定制化页面贡献力量,其中一些基本原则一直沿用至今。Peter先生的专业领域包括检索汽车技术和医疗器械。

Janny Jiang, RWS Beijing, Search Manager, China Patent Agent Qualification

Janny has many years of experience in the patent search space and joined RWS in 2010. She is currently the Senior Patent Search Analyst at RWS Beijing, having worked first as a patent translator from 2010-2015 and then as a patent searcher at the RWS Beijing office.  In 2016 she obtained a China Patent Agent qualification certificate and has continued to grow her expertise in the patent search area.

媛媛,北京如文思检索部经理,中国专利代理人资格 蒋媛媛女士自2010年加入RWS集团,在专利检索方面具有多年经验。现任北京如文思高级专利检索分析师,2010-2015年期间于北京如文思任专利译员,后担任北京如文思专利检索员。2016年,蒋媛媛女士取得中国专利代理人资格证书,专利检索领域专业素质不断提升。

Please note this webinar will be presented primarily in Chinese. Get in contact with your nearest RWS inovia office with any questions or comments. 

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